A Quick Guide to Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are energetic beings that work with you on your spiritual journey. They help you to achieve your goals, solve problems, and heal any wounds in your life. Many different types of spirit guides can appear in many forms. This guide will help you learn about who your spirit guides are and how to connect with them for guidance and healing.

What Are Spirit Guides?

The idea of spirit guides is not new. Indigenous tribes all over the world have identified close relationships and associations with various types of living and non-living entities. Each group has chosen meaningful ways to honor those relationships to show gratitude and appreciation.

Spirit guides teach us about ourselves and the world around us. Even though they manifest externally, they help us tap into our inner wisdom so we can make decisions freely without the influence of others’ opinions or expectations. 

Spirit guides are not necessarily deities but rather teachers and helpers. They can be any animal, spirit, or human being. Spirit guides may even manifest as a familiar object. Your spirit guide will speak to you in a way that feels right for them and help guide you on your spiritual path. 

When I look back, there have been many spirit guides that have helped me along my journey. Some spirit guides are still with me, but many left once I learned the lessons they brought me. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides can help you grow spiritually. Having a spirit guide can allow you to develop your spiritual side in ways that would be impossible without their assistance. Spirit guides communicate with us on a deeper level than we could otherwise access, and they can help us understand ourselves better. They also often act as teachers who teach us about life and how we should live it, helping us find our purpose in life or even our life partner!

One of my most influential spirit guides came to me in meditation when I started having anxiety attacks in college. I remember feeling a sense of warm, calming peace settle around me like a tight hug as I sat in my dark dorm room. Even though I didn’t have a visual experience of that spirit guide, I had several intense dreams over the next six months that helped me realize what this guide was and precisely how it would help me. This spirit guide was a dragon, and I now work closely with this guide to help others with their anxiety. Working with the dragon helped me tap into a fiery nature that boosted my confidence, energy levels, and quick thinking. 

Who Are My Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are people who have passed away and are helping you from the other side. They can be family members, friends, or even strangers. They can be animals, plants, or even inanimate objects. Your spirit guide may not always be with you, but they will come when needed to help guide you through difficult situations and times when you feel alone.

Your spirit guides come from all walks of life, so don’t worry if they aren’t exactly what society would consider “normal” (like a tree being a spirit guide).

Are All Spirit Guides the Same?

Are all spirit guides the same?

The short answer is no. Spirit guides come in many forms and have different roles to play in your life. Some are more experienced, some are more knowledgeable, and others may be more advanced in their evolutionary journey. It all depends on what you need on your spiritual journey.

How Do I Work With a Spirit Guide?

There are many ways to work with a spirit guide. The first step is to ask for guidance and help. You can do this by formally requesting their presence and assistance in a ritual or thinking about them in your time of need.

Once you have asked for their help, be patient and wait for an answer from the universe. Your request may come through in the form of an intuitive feeling or thought, a dream (or nightmares), an image or symbol that appears out of nowhere–or even something as simple as hearing someone say your name when no one else is around! If nothing happens after some time has passed (a few days at most), it’s possible that no response was forthcoming because there was nothing specific enough about what you asked for; try rephrasing your question so as not only include specifics but also leave room open-ended enough so as not limit what kind of answer could come back from Spirit Guides themselves.


Spirit guides are a powerful tool for your spiritual growth. They can help you with self-awareness and personal development on your spiritual journey. A good spirit guide will work with you to understand the best path for you, regardless of whether or not it aligns with your beliefs or understanding of the world around you.

In addition to offering guidance in times of need, these entities can provide comfort during stressful periods by listening without judgment or criticism (even when someone else may be criticizing).

Working with spirit guides can be a great way to deepen your relationship with the world around you and learn more about yourself. You can also use them as a resource for healing, guidance, and inspiration in all areas of life–from work and relationships to personal growth. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you’re religious; anyone can connect with their guides!


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